Audiobus SDK License


We (Audiobus Pty. Ltd.) give no guarantees regarding the Audiobus SDK or other things provided under these terms ("the License").

User Data and Privacy

The Audiobus SDK does not collect information about your (the licensee's) users.

Commercial Use

Use of the Audiobus SDK is permitted for most purposes, provided you comply with all other provisions of the License.

Revoking Your Audiobus SDK Access

If we have reason to believe that you are acting in breach of the License, or if we object to your use of the Audiobus SDK for any other reason, we will revoke your access to the Audiobus SDK.

No In-App Purchase For Audiobus Support In Apps

We reserve the option to ban or remove from the Audiobus Compatible Applications Directory any app that offers Audiobus support as an in-app purchase.

Our Discretion Regarding Buggy/Unusable Apps

We reserve the right to remove any app from the Audiobus Compatible Applications Directory if, by our judgement, the app displays severe bugs when used with Audiobus or is unusable.

In extreme cases, we also reserve the right to prevent applications from being used with Audiobus.

Changes to the Audiobus SDK

We may modify or update the Audiobus SDK and the Licence from time to time. We will try to do this as seldom as possible to cause as little effort as possible to developers implementing it.

Audiobus Pty. Ltd.
Last Edited Monday, April 22 2013